About Me

When i first started in the real estate investment business, i was young, completely broke, and beyond clueless. I didn’t know the price of a light bulb, i didn’t know what a door stopper was. When i walked through houses, i didn’t know ANYTHING, all i did was nod and pretend to know what i was doing. 

As i went through the journey, i realized i really enjoyed the process of sitting down with a person, and giving them help and advice when it comes to real estate. Whatever i knew and tested, i told someone who really needed help. 

Going forward for the next decade, as the industry changes, I want to make an impact. I want to EDUCATE each homeowner during the transaction to the point you don’t need me in the future. Of course i’ll always be a phone call away regardless.  

Hit the contact button below to contact us. We’ll be more then happy to sit down with you and talk about your real estate needs.

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Investment background

Before i jumped into the real estate agent profession, and the real estate consultation business, i actively worked towards obtaining investment properties. I carry that experience into anything i do now related to real estate. It allows me to help others tremendously.

service first

There has been many times when i have given people consultations, and i gave them advice that results in me making zero from it. It might sound counter intuitive, but it's just the way i'm wired. Sometimes the best advice you can give someone is advice you gain nothing from.

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